The best camping mattress to use with your Wynnchester Adventurer Bedroll

The Wynnchester Adventurer bedroll is spacious compared to other swags and can be used with any type of camping mattress.

Your choice of mattress will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Size / compactness
  • Weight
  • Budget
  • Comfort
  • Conditions (terrain, weather, etc)

Backpackers on a budget

Reducing cost, size and weight will be a key consideration.

The bedroll is fully canvas and the base will insulate to some degree. This means you can choose to use no mattress at all (if camping on sand for example).

Alternatively, you might consider a mattress like the British Army roll mat.

These are affordable via army surplus stores, are lightweight and can be left in the bedroll when rolled up.


British Army Roll Mat

Backpackers looking for lightweight luxury

Reducing size and weight will be important, but comfort will be a key factor.

We recommend the ultralight Nemo Tensor insulated sleeping pad.

Ultralight and easy to roll up within your bedroll, for ease and speed in packing up camp, this mat will give you great comfort and warmth when wild camping.

It will hold you 8cm off the ground, which really helps you get a comfy night's sleep on even the most uncomfortable terrain.


Nemo Tensor ultralight insulated sleeping pag



Motorbike / Bicycle tourers

You will be less concerned about weight, but size and compactness will matter.

For simplicity of camp set up and ease of transport, you will want a mattress that can be left within your roll when packing up camp.

We recommend the Snugpak Basecamp XL Self Inflating Mat with Built-in Pillow.

This is a 50mm thick mat that self inflates, is relatively lightweight and can roll up compactly.

It comes with a built-in pillow so no need for a separate piece of kit for the aditional comfort factor of head and neck support.


Snugpak self inflating mat


Car camping

If you are driving out into the bush, or doing short day trips, then size and weight will matter less.

True to form, the Kelty Waypoint Super Soft oversized camping mat is not light, weighing in at nearly 2.5kg / 5lbs.

The weight is offset by the snugness that this solid and well-made pad delivers.

The Waypoint provides a solid middle ground between a cheap camping mat and your cosy memory-foam mattress back at home.

Kelty Waypoint self inflating mattress pad

Ultimate luxury

The Sea to Summit comfort deluxe camping mat says it all in the name.

They are true to their word when they use “comfort” and “deluxe” in the name of this sumptuous sleeping pad.

This camping mat comes with a plush, mattress-like knit topper.

Designed for four-season warmth, this is a thick pad at 10cm, which will feel like a more portable version of your mattress at home.

You may also choose to attach a Sea to Summit pillow to the mat so that it stays put during the night.

While this was designed for campervans, it will also work well in your Adventurer bedroll.

Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe S.I. Mat

Customer favourite

Last but not least, the Therm-a-Rest neoair xlite NXT camping mat, with optional down pillow.

This is the favourite of Wynnchester customers the world over, and with good reason.

The Neoair will give you all-round performance in all seasons.

It is lightweight at 377g and can be left within your bedroll to pack down small for a quick getaway in the morning.

The pad is firm yet supportive and provides excellent insulation even in cold weather.

Therm-a-Rest neoair xlite NXT camping mat