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Adventure camping gear, 100% ethically made in Britain, built to last a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

I have an Adventurer bedroll. Tough as nails. Impervious to the elements. Worth every penny.

John (UK)

The bedroll is truly a top quality made product and will last a lifetime, so I know I am getting my money’s worth!

Amy (USA)

It’s better than any Aussie swag, the best most compact, waterproof and hard wearing swag there is, couldn’t be happier with it and would like another one!

Graham (Western Australia)

Adventure Camping Gear

Adventurer Canvas Bedroll

Made in England, our bedrolls are built to last from a hard-wearing, waterproof, fire-resistant canvas with military-grade specifications.

Used by thousands of happy customers worldwide, including professional cowboys, bushcraft instructors, and British royalty.

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Wynnchester Adventurer Canvas Tarp

Adventurer Canvas Tarp

A tough-as-nails all canvas tarp.

Our Adventurer Tarp is a portable 3 x 2m fabricated using the same military grade, waterproof, rot-proof and fire-retardant canvas as our bedroll.

With a total of 10 reinforced attachment points, you can set this up in all manner of ways.

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Wynnchester Vintage Carry Handle

Vintage Carry Handle

Genuine army surplus, vintage carrying straps with a real leather handle.

These are an optional extra for use with your Adventurer bedroll.

These carry handles feature heavy duty webbing straps and are in very good condition.

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Vintage sleeping bag liner

Genuine ex-army woollen sleeping bag liner, as used by British troops in the Falklands.

A fantastic addition to your bedroll, easily stored inside and rolled up as one sleeping system.

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Vintage Wool Blankets

Genuine vintage 100% woollen military blankets.

Available in a variety of styles and colours, these are the perfect addition to your sleeping system.

They’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer, with the wool providing water resistant and anti-bacterial properties.

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