Swiss M91 Patrol Pack

Made in the same rubberised ballistic nylon canvas as the Swiss Mountain Pack full-size rucksack from the preceding era, this is an absolutely awesome, more modern-shaped tactical pack with some great features.

Lightweight, with a tough nylon webbing system for attachments and metal clasps and strap tensioners, this pack can also be folded down to a very small size by removing the internal plastic supports which slide out but which when in place maintain its tall shape against the back.

Completely waterproof, the top closes with a waterproof collar and drawstring system.

The shape is narrow and tall, a classic ‘alpine’ profile and would have been used by the Swiss Army’s famous mountain troops on patrol duty in the high Alps.

With an incredible heritage going back hundreds of years to the time when the ‘Swiss Guard’ were the elite troops of Europe, known for their discipline and range of technical capabilities including mountain warfare and climbing, today the Swiss Army still lead Mountain Warfare training for mountain leaders from NATO forces.

Swiss army Alpine gear really does live up to its reputation and this pack is no exception. An innovative design built with utterly robust materials and build quality.

Perfect as a day pack at 30-40Litres, or expandable to 50L (although not suitable for very heavy loads as the straps are not the thickest - ask any Swiss Army recruit from the 90s…).

This rucksack can even pack down and be stored as an extra pack. The waterproof material and attachment points make this a great pack perfect for many different outdoor activities.