Man Of The World Magazine – Explorers Edition

David Gandy in the Wild

In 2014 the Wynnchester team provided a range of new and vintage camp gear for a prestigious magazine shoot set in the beautiful wilds of Scotland for the distinctly ‘upscale’ global men’s lifestyle magazine Man Of The World issue 6, the Explorers Edition.

Shot by one of the world’s most talented and highly-regarded photographers John Balsom the shoot was to feature current ‘rock star’ model David Gandy in a feature called “New Frontier” exploring echoes of a vintage frontier camping experience.

As a lifestyle magazine shoot it was more about the man David Gandy himself (not normally known for outdoor shoots), the clothing and the photography than about the gear.

We were delighted to be asked to help on the project, and working with John and his assistant over several weeks we helped select the right gear and ship it in time to be taken to Scotland for the multi-day shoot, supervised by Location Scotland who handle film and media projects set in Scotland.

The Man Of The World store has a wide range of heritage and modern rare items including one of the vintage Swiss army rucksacks we have also stocked in the past – an excellent and natural choice by them to go alongside the vintage oil lamps, classic stoves, knives and other gear.

Included in the gear we provided were a Vintage Royal Navy Duffle Bag, a Canvas Baker Tent, our own heavily used Kelly Kettle, an up-cycled vintage Swiss Army canteen cup, a number of British Army folding camp chairs, plus a number of other props including our canvas bedroll and a vintage Swiss rucksack which didn’t make it into the shoot in the end – again it wasn’t about our gear, we just provided a range of props, enough for them to work it out on location.

Thanks to John & Brid for using our gear and for being such a pleasure to work with throughout – on-location media projects like this happen under immense pressure but we were more than happy to assist with whatever it took to get things ready in time.